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  • Bộ kít thực hành ASIC(FPGA/CPLD/PLD)
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An ASIC or Application Specific Integrated Circuit is a semiconductor chip which is
produced for a specific application for a specific customer
1. Exchangeable top board. ( Xilinx, Lattice, Altera, Atmel, etc )
2. Select FPGA or CPLD
3. ASIC is designed using a suit of computer aided software  programs(CAD), Verilog-HDL, and VHDL
4. Download method by PC's parallel port
5. EEPROM writer for FPGA. (Auto selected by PC's parallel port)
6. Various I/O experiments
7. Select output devices Experiment with a switch
8. User can design the circuit Experiment on the Bread board
9. Simply extend a circuit Experiment with 2 extended connecters
10. Experiment items
   - gate                                   - Flip flop
   - Logic                                 - Hexadecimal counter
   - Full adder/subtracter           - Register
   - Code converter                   - Johnson counter
   - 3-state buffer                      - Shift register
   - 4-bit comparator                 - Stepping motor control
   - 4-bit adder and subtracter    - DC motor speed control
   - 38 decoder                         - Encoder
   - Stop Watch                         - LCD display
   - Multiplexer                         - Digital clock
   - Data selector                      - Electronic dice
   - D/A and A/D converter        - Data communication IC
   - Dot matrix display              - Arithmetic and logic operation
11. Support the continuous pulse for the digital circuit
   - Pulse selector : single, 1㎐~50㎒
12+5V, +12V, -12V SMPS(Free Voltage) Power
13. Metal case
              ◐ Xilinx Webpack                            ◐ Altera Maxplus                               ◐ Lattice-isp
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