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  • Bo phát triển BIG8051
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What is BIG8051?

This board is a full-featured development environment for Silicon Labs C8051Fxxx microcontrollers. It has numerous on-board modules that help you to create your prototype device easily. It comes with C8051f040 microcontroller.

Programming and debugging

Board can be programmed using USB Debug Adapter - programmer.


All microcontroller pins are available through IDC10 port connectors, so you can easily attach other peripherals to your board.

Key features

Numerous peripherals

Board has a magnificent set of on-board modules: Serial Ethernet, Serial Flash, Serial RAM, Serial EEPROM, MMC/SD card, CAN, USB-UART, two RS-232 connectors, and more.

Fast MCU on-board

Provided MCU card contains powerful C8051F040 MCU. It is a 25 MIPS, 64 kB Flash, 100-Pin Mixed-Signal MCU, with 12-bit DAC, CAN, SM-Bus and other peripherals. 

Highest quality components

We have put a lot of thought into the board design to make it beautiful and compact, and we used only the highest quality SMD components for production.

More than enough storage

We have equipped the board with four serial memory modules including EEPROM, RAM, Flash and MMC/SD mass storage, so you won’t lack memory any more. 

What programmer/debugger should I use?

Silabs USB Debug Adapter - programmer

System comes with fast USB Debug Adapter - programmer from Silicon Laboratories.The USB Debug Adapter provides the interface between the PC’s USB port and the C8051Fxxx’s in-system debug/programming circuitry.

Drivers and Software

Drivers and Software for the programmer, as well as User Manualcan be found on folowing locations:

* mikroElektronika 8051 compilers currently do not support hardware debugging.

List of supported chips

BIG8051 development system fully supports following 8051 microcontrollers from Silicon Laboratories:

Where can I find Examples?

Examples available in the package

  • Wireless and Ethernet Example
  • LCDLED Blinking and Sound example
  • Serial RAMFlash and EEPROM example
  • Using 1-wire Temperature Sensor
  • Image and text display on Graphic LCD
  • DACADC and Comparator examples

PRO for 8051Examples

PRO for 8051Examples

PRO for 8051Examples 

All examples are written in our PRO compilers for 8051: mikroCmikroBasic and mikroPascal.

What's on BIG8051?

Hover your cursor over the desired module hot spot Hot Spot to get more information

Front View

DAC Output

Convert digital signals to analog voltage levels using 12-bit MCP4921DAC chip with SPI interface. It has two separate DAC channels and is connected to output Screw Terminal. 

How Do I Power This Board?

Power Supply

Using the on-board power supply unit is the most reliable way to power the board

You can power the board in two ways, depending on power consumption of used on-board or additional modules.

1. Powering the board using USB-UART connector

USB-UART connector can be used to provide the power to the board. You should be able to run all on-board modules, including GLCD display and Ethernet. You should know that you can draw maximum of 500mA from the PC USB port. 

2. Powering the board via Power Supply Unit

This is the best and most reliable way to power the board. You can provide enough power to utilize all on-board modules and extra boards you need.

 Package Details

The BIG8051 development system is packed in the protective box along with the relevant documentation and product CD. This box is very resistant to all kinds of damages and shocks. The package contains:

  • Damage resistant protective box
  • BIG8051 development system in antistatic bag
  • USB Debug Adapter with USB cable
  • User Manual and 
    Board Schematic
  • CD with documentation and code examples
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