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UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
Model UV-2505 

Spectro UV-2505 is a low priced traditional analytical device used in conventional laboratories.  This spectrophotometer delivers enhanced user-friendliness, precision and accuracy resulting in time and cost savings, as well as unprecedented confidence in test results. Model UV-2505 works in the ultraviolet and visible range of 195-1050 nm and has a 4nm. Bandwidth!.  Model UV-2505 spectrophotometer offers high performance and reliability, which can be used in various applications. Spectrophotometer Model UV-2505 can be used extensively for pharmaceutical manufacturing, health, clinical laboratory, biochemistry,  petrochemistry, environmental protection, quality control, water management, food processing, agriculture, and for a wide range of businesses and industries.

Spectro UV-2505 can use a multiple cell holder to test cells from 10-100mm (optional)

Spectro UV-Vis RS (Model UV-2505) is equipped with the RS-232C interface and port which link the spectrophotometer and the PC using the UV-VIS optional software. Model UV-2505 can be linked to a computer, which is compatible with Windows Platforms, and a printer to display the photometric and spectral data on the PC monitor.

Spectro UV-Vis RS (Model UV-2505) utilizes a new optical system design and is microcomputer controlled.  This instrument has soft keys for ease of use and may utilize 13 mm test tube.  Model UV-2505 has excellent baseline stability and high resolution. 

Spectro UV-Vis RS (Model UV-2505) consists of a light source (Tungsten Halogen and Deuterium lamp), monochromator, Silicon photodiode, logarithmic amplifier, digital volt meter, D.C. stabilizer, and microprocessor.  This new generation instrument is equipped with a microprocessor to automatically adjust 100 % T and Zero ABS, Factor, and Concentration. Spectro UV-VIS 2505 operates with a single beam system and 1200 line grating mirror.  Model UV-2505 has a four digit display for automatic calculation and direct readout of (T)ransmittance, (A)bsorbption, and (C)oncentration.  

This Spectro can be used by itself or linked to a PC.

This Spectro works with Windows 7. 

Technical Specifications


Optical system: Single beam spectrophotometer, diffraction grating. 

Bandwidth: 4nm. NEW AND IMPROVED!

Wavelength range: 195-1050 nm.

Photometric Range: 0-100%T, 0-1.999A

Light source: Tungsten Halogen (12V/20W) and Deuterium lamp (DD2.5).

Detector: Silicon photodiode.

The largest allowable error of the wavelength (nm) : 2

Wavelength accuracy: ±2 nm.

Wavelength reproducibility: 1 nm.

Spectral band pass: 4nm.

Stray light: < 0.3 % T (at 220 nm. 360nm)

Transmittance range: 0-100% T.

Multi cell holder: 4 cuvettes. 

Absorption range: 0-1.999 A.

Concentration range: 0-1999.

Direct-read Range : 0-1999.

The largest allowable error of the transmittance (nm) : 0.5%

Photometric accuracy: ±0.5% T.

Monochromator: 1200 lines/grating mirror.

Noise: 100% Noise <0.3% T/3min, 0% Noise <0.2%

Stability: bright current <0.5%T/3 min., dark current <0.2%/3 min.

Transmittance reproducibility: 0.2 % T.

Power: 220 V /110 V +-10% 50/60Hz. (You can change the voltage by a switch on the bottom of the Spectro from 110V or 220V.)

Dimensions: 22"(W)x14"(D)x11.5"(H) inches. 450mm x 390mm x 210mm.

Net weight: 13 kgs.


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