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  • Máy quang phổ UV-Vis Double PC 8 Auto Cell
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Spectro UV-Vis Double PC 8 Auto Cell
Scanning Spectrophotometer UV-VIS Double Beam

Model UVD-3000

Spectro UV-Vis Double PC 8 Auto Cell is a high performance UV-Vis double beam automatic scanning spectrophotometer. Spectro UV-Vis Double has a brand new optical system design, microcomputer controlled. It is capable of processing data, from analytical and spectrum testing. Precise with high accuracy of measurement and stability are also provided by the powerful built in software and large LCD screen, which can display the screen menu and other functions. It can also be linked to a computer and a printer to show Photometric and Spectral data in the PC monitor. The Monochromator is Holographic grating 1200 line mirror. 
Spectro UV-Vis Double PC 8 Auto Cell can perform automatic photometry scanning of the spectrums being measured, adding the possibility of quantitative analysis and kinetic spectrophotometric analysis
protein, nucleic acid, DNA/RNA analysis, micro and macro measurements through PC control. Both sample and reference beams are provided with the same sampling space, facilitating wider and longer scan of data with a more detailed view of the results in an easy to use environment. 
Spectro UV-Vis Double PC 8 Auto Cell can be used extensively for qualitative and quantitative analysis in such fields as Pharmaceutical inspection, clinical analysis, chemistry and biochemistry labs, as well as in quality control departments, environmental control, water management, food processing, Petrochemistry, agriculture andDNA/RNA measurement.

This Spectro can be used by itself or linked to a PC and comes with a USB interface to connect to the computer. 
Spectro UV-VIS Double PC 8 Auto Cell with fixed bandwidth of 1 nm. (Model UVD-3000)

Technical Specification 

1) Wavelength Range: 190 nm – 1100 nm
- Spectral Bandwidth: 1.0 nm
- Resolution: 0.5nm.
- Wavelength Display 0.1nm.
- Stray Light: <0.1%T (220 nm, Nal; 340 NaNo2), >=2.0Abs (KCI, 200nm)
- Wavelength Accuracy: +0.3nm (with automatic wavelength correction)
- Wavelength Reproducibility: +0.2nm.
2Photometric System: The double-beam monitoring ratio system.
Photometric Method: Transmittance, absorbance, energy and concentration
Photometric Range: -0.3~3.0 Abs
Photometric Accuracy: +0.002Abs (0~0.5A)
+0.004Abs (0.5~1A)
+0.3%T (0~100%T)
Photometric Reproducibility: +0.001Abs (0~0.5A)
+0.002Abs (0.5~1A)
+0.15%T (0~100%T)
Photometric Display: -9999 ---- 9999
Photometric Noise: +0.001Abs (500nm, 0Abs 2nm Spectral Bandwidth).
Scanning Speed: 1400nm/min
Baseline Flatness: 
>0.0015 Abs (190-1100nm) for UVD-3200, >0.002 Abs for UVD-3000
Baseline Stability: 0.0008Abs/h (500nm, 0Abs 2nm Spectral Bandwidth, 2Hr. warm-up)
Slew Rate of Wavelength: 3600nm/min
3) DNA/RNA Measurement:  
- Results Printout:
Printing of measured data by using any Printer with Parallel Port connection available.
4) Mainframe: Compact and standalone spectrophotometer mainframe
- Light Source: Socket Deuterium Lamp and Socket Tungsten Halogen Lamp.
- Detector: Double Beam
- Sample Chamber: 2 cell holder
- Display Liquid Crystal Display (LCD 320 x 240 dot matrix)
- Keypad: Touch soft keys.
- PC Interface: PC Interface: RS-232
- Size: 22"x16"x10”
- Weight: 55 Lb


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