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  • Trình biên dịch mikroC PRO cho PIC32
  • Xuất xứ: MikroE
  • Giá: 7.784.000 đ
  • Tình trạng: Hàng có sẵn
  • Lượt xem: 2969

Trình biên dịch mikroC PRO cho PIC32

Why choose this compiler?

OneTime™ payment

Compiler is constantly improved and new funcionalities are added with each new release. Owners of compiler licenses are entitled to free upgrades, which take just a minute of your time.

mikroC PRO for PIC32 license guarantees youfree product lifetime technical support, so you can rely on our help when developing your prototype.

No PIC32 compilers offers so much at such a price. With mikroC PRO for PIC32 you get full-featured and powerful tool, and in the same time very intuitive and easy-to-use.

You will love mikroC!

Hardware In-Circuit Debugging with mikroProg™

SingleClick™ Debugging

mikroC PRO for PIC32 has native support formikroICD™ - hardware step-by-step In-Circuit Debugger when used with fast USB 2.0 mikroProg™ programmer (in both on-board and standalone version). mikroICD is a separate DLL module which supports Step-over [F8]Step-into[F7]Step-out[Ctrl+F8],Run[F6]Run To Cursor[F4] debugging operations. Also, debugger supportsstandard and advanced breakpoints, which enable you to exploit the full potential of fast debugging.

Lots of integrated and additional tools supported

Faster, better, more productive

Saving programmer’s time is one of our top priorities. This is why mikroC PRO for PIC32 comes with equipped with fully-functional software tools that can boost your efficiency and do the job for you, so you can be more productive in your work: LCD Custom Character Tool, GLCD Bitmap Editor, Seven Segment Editor, UART Terminal, UDP Terminal, HID Terminal, ASCII Chart, Active Comments Editor, Interrupt Assistant, Advanced Statistics and much, much more.

Fully supported additional software

Design. Develop. Share. 

Compiler easily becomes your GLCD and TFT GUI design studio with Visual GLCD andVisual TFT additional software. Even total beginners will be able to create amazing GUIs. Their Drag-n-drop development environment ensures that you spend less time programming, allowing you to focus on functionality and design. Distribute your projects with Package Manager Software and your end users will have powerful single-click package extraction and installation of your code.

In case you want more

700 pages of knowledge

We understand that people need to have a source of information that is precise, clear, with demonstrations and examples that can be put in a context of projects in real life. This is why we are very patient when we write Help file, and we put a lot of effort to make it comprehensive and easy to use. Additional Language reference, and Creating The First Project manuals are a perfect place for your first steps in mikroC PRO for PIC32. Simply follow step-by step instructions.

USB dongle licensing option

Work on any computer you want

 USB Dongle

If you choose Dongle Licensing option, you can receive USB stick with a single mikroC PRO for PIC32 license. Pay license and shipping and we'll give you USB dongle for FREE.

Key File licensing option

Send request and get Key File Instantly

Key Registration

You can also choose standard Key File Licensing option. Just follow simple Help->How To Register wizard for acquiring your own licence key setup package.

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